Trade Union World Federation condemned attacks against Venezuela

a- World Trade Union Federation (FSM) condemned Monday the attacks by the United States against the Government and people of Venezuela, and urged all l you unions to mobilize to support the South American nation, Prensa Latina published on its website. such instance described how “serious” threats from Washington over the country, so Hugo Chávez […]

China rejects any foreign interference in Venezuela

a- “China believes that all countries must respect the principles of the Charter of the Nations United and not meddle in the Affairs of Venezuela”, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Asian countrysaid Geng Shuang, at a press conference in Beijing (capital of china). the words of the Chinese diplomat were […]

IV Festival of children’s music Llanera was held in Puerto Ayacucho

a- covered gym Humberto Pérez Morillo, Puerto Ayacuchowas the fourth festival of music Llanera child gold Manaca, m to rco of the anniversary number 17 of the Manacas the Bolivarian education unitlocated in the parish municipality, Luis Alberto Gómez Atures, which involved 11 students from the elementary level. Lourdes Rodríguez, regional director of the Ministry […]

Protests in Haiti increase the tension between the masses

a- the formation of an interim Government agreed with all the political forces, which allows a new regime, a new Constitution and redefine the economic guidelines to get out of the logical prevailing neoliberal, is one present in the Haitian reality approach currently, unveiled Prensa Latina. is point out that hours after a speech of […]

Return Tania and its five movements

Edson had.- to 20 years from the original release of the monologue Tania in five movements, written by Mariela Romero, the work returns to the Trasnocho Cultural, directed by Daniel Dannery, until the month of March. the musician and comedian Carlitos Jorges accompanies Tania Sanabria in the staging, which lasts just over one hour. “this […]

Tsj Constitutional Chamber declared null illegal appointments by the Assembly in contempt

a.- of the Constitutional Chamber of the Tsj said on Thursday, declared null and serious illegal appointments made by the National Assembly in contempt. Judge Juan José Mendoza said that this is an assault of law by the National Assembly in contempt of court, in addition to being a key company for the Venezuelan economy, […]

The rifles do not empreñan | Latest news

Asalia Venegas.- the girl of Globovision that applauds a Gringo intervention because it would thus have “catiritos”, fruit of the “procession” of the invader, could not find the happy end of the fairy tale. The history of Yankees in dozens of countries meddling conspires against his dream and abort this idyllic maternity after the bombings […]

Vladimir Putin calls on us leaving Northeastern Syria

a- Russia President Vladímir Putinhe said on Thursday the necessity that the U.S. troops, located in the northeast of Syria, leave the area and return n control the military forces of Damascus. during a Summit in Sochi with his counterparts of Turkey and Iran, to address the Syrian issue, the Russian President said that the […]

New crusades

Roberto Hernández Montoya.– chavism is the new heresy to burn in life, as they are now by these streets. It is threatened by the mesnadas of Trump. Let him be accursed!, sentenced media, this new Inquisition, which stigmatizes you if you dare to transgress certain rules that determine their only and unappealable judgment. as the […]

They reveal more than 700 sexually abused in the U.S.

a-more than 700 people, including children, were sexually abused over 20 years by religious leaders, pastors and staff of the Church Convention Southern Baptist, based in Texas, United States, outlined Telesur. according to an investigation carried out by average Texans, at least 220 members of the Church of the Southern Baptist Convention (between Ministers, deacons, […]