The Auteur cinema has to CinexART

a- already moviegoers can enjoy the best of the seventh art thanks to the initiative of Cinex called CinexART, a new cultural space for project of the cinema author and different film festivals that occur in Venezuela. The room is located in the renowned floor 5 of the Tolon Fashion Mall in Las Mercedes Caracas […]

Secretary of the Alba requested international economic consolidation

a- the general Secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance of peoples of our America (Alba-TCP) peoples trade treatyDavid Choquehuanca, asked this Friday to consolidate the Economic Council of the international organization. for the 16th Summit of the Alba-TPC held in Cuba, Havana Choquehuanca called on the Governments of the countries that make up the regional organization […]


Eduardo Fernández.- the next Government will have to promote and lead a great moral revolution in Venezuela. We have always had corruption in our country. However, in the past twenty years, corruption has reached scandalous levels. There had never been so much corruption in Venezuela as that has been present since broke the so-called socialism […]

BDV launches MiComunaBDVdigital program in the parish Caruao Vargas

a- on Wednesday, the Bank of Venezuela (BDV) premiered in the community of Caruao, in Vargas State, the digital MiComunaBDV program, to facilitate and speed up financial transactions of customers in the most remote areas of the country. the event was the presence of the Mayor of the municipality of Vargas, José Alejandro Terán, and […]

“There is to have an unsurpassable voice to communicate well something”

a- very striking was the first Conference “transform your voice into the business of your life”an event that was designed by the renowned announcer, presenter and Venezuelan erencista f Dorian Voice with the intention of approached the assertive and conscious communication in different media, through the power of the voice and ideas to the public […]

Expropriation and economic activity | Latest news

Baltazar Gutierrez.- this figure in the field of public law is provided for in our current Constitution, as it has been in previous regulatory letters. It consists of the compulsory transfer procedure regulated in the law, assets of the private sector within the scope of the public, fair compensation, a way to compensate the private […]

Detained in Brazil the alleged killers of Marielle Franco

a.- Brazil civilian police officials met on Thursday search warrants and arrest suspects in the murder of activist and c oncejal Marielle Franco and his driver Anderson Gomesfact happened on March 14. local press ensures that the arrest warrants against police officers involved in the incident and extend to States like Mina Gerais and Rio […]

Executive approved a $1,000 million to increase oil production

a- the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, announced that was approved 1,000 million dollars from a Fund special, for raise the Venezuelan oil production. press conference with national and international media at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, the head of State indicated that Tuesday held a meeting with the Executive Vice-President, Delcy Rodríguezto increase […]

Miss Venezuela came into the final straight

Edson had.- missing few hours for the great event of the beauty Miss Venezuela in its Edition 65, the press could enjoy a rehearsal where also voted for eleg i r to Miss photogenic. “ Miss Venezuela 2018 contest will be a tribute to maestro Juan Vicente Torrealba with the special participation of Annaé Torrealba, […]

President denounces U.S. plot to overthrow its Government

a- the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduroon Wednesday denounced a “plot” by the United States (U.S.) Government to destabilize the p AIS through strikes war, commit an assassination and impose dictatorial rule in Venezuela. “today I come again to denounce the plot that since the White House prepares to violate Venezuelan democracy, to assassinate […]