Grant Torres, the former reporter who breaks through in the music industry

aGrant Torres Venezuelan journalist is preparing its first album and triumphs as producer, composer and singer-songwriter in Madrid. the social Communicator has retired from journalism after a successful career in the press, to devote himself to a musical new facet of the hand of the Spanish producer Mario Dell.

few years ago Grant Torres was one of the youngest voices that were reporting the events of national events for the news of Televen, for the newspaper Últimas Noticias and some radio stations in the interior of Venezuela. Was precisely their professionalism and good performance which allowed him to jump from the small screen to the heart of the Venezuelan and obtain the order Leoncio Martinez in June of 2013 at the hands of the then-Governor of the State of Miranda Henrique Capriles, for his valuable contribution to social communication in the country.
“In the slums of Caracas people opened the doors of their lives and their reality”, said Torres, who became a real event in the swept caraquenas when I went to cover journalistic guidelines.

Torres was a meteoric rise, in few years triumphed in several of the major media of Venezuela, not just as a reporter but with coordination jobs, destiny and their dreams led him to take the decision to emigrate to Spain, but without ever forget his nation.

in Madrid successes followed in increase, away from political journalism he carried out interviews with figures from the world of literature and the music scene for Spanish and Latin American media.

in August of this year announced through their social network Instagram @Granttorresmusica his permanent retirement from journalism to devote himself fully to his artistic and creative performance. Account backed by producer Mario Dell, who has been behind more than 500 productions, has worked for TVE, Antena 3, Intereconomía, editorial San Pablo, publishing SM, 40 principales, and plenty of artists.

Grant is recording its first album with compositions entirely theirs, is also the Executive producer of the project and is responsible for the music production along with Mario Dell.

yet having come on the market at the moment, one of his compositions is already much to talk about, is the single under of the Sun. It is a work which featured in the recording with the participation of prestigious symphonic choir Matritum Cantat, who have sung in the main Spanish stages a remarkable showing, directed by maestro Javier Blanco, director of choirs and orchestras Symphonic.

is a traditional pop ballad that contains a powerful social message, which criticizes the problems that occur in the world, but which ends with an ode to hope: under the Sun “are children that will change tomorrow, there will be land without divisions of” homeland and sing a good man in the distance”.

the first album of Torres is a mixture of Latin sounds ranging from pop, Funky disco and ballads. “It’s a varied work there is everything a little, even I’m working on a few themes that lead elements of urban music, paramount in this production is that the majority of the songs have a positive message for the youth”, said.

the artist has no specific date for the release of the first single and the album. Although forecasts are for the first quarter of next year. However this year will sing in Madrid on November 3 at the Auditorium of the centro cultural Antonio Machado for a select group of lucky, who will perform the premiere of three of the songs included on his first plate. “I have the opportunity to organize a concert as a cultural promoter here in Madrid and I am doing a casting looking for independent artists to be presented a recital in which at the end I’ll give a starter of what will be my drive,” explained the Communicator social born in the city of Cumaná in Eastern Venezuela, in where it is considered by many the most remarkable journalist of this generation that has had the Sucre State.

“everything I am had its genesis in Cumaná, the most beautiful land in the world,” said at the time that he explained that in November of this year it will also record the official music video of the song under the Sun.

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