“When the morning comes” of Xiomara Mistage

a- a journey that delves into the tradition of the Spanish folk songs, collected and harmonized Federico García Lorca by and forms of the musical heritage of the East vene z olano, rooted in the Hispanic, as the malagueña, jota and poles inheritance, includes “When dawn comes”, show that Xiomara Mistage will display his fine art this Sunday, November 18, 11:30 am on the BOD Cultural Center d and Caracas.

born in Caucagua, Miranda, Mistage State Barlovento region has stood for three decades in the promotion of the black Ridge, through the interpretation of tunes from different parts of the world, among other genres, in addition to the topics popular, the singer of lyrical training promotes symphonic works that are related to Africa and its legacy.

this inquiry by the origins, shown when the dawn comes, where you will pass the joy, nostalgia, Picardy, hope and acceptance, in a portentous sign of the mixture between academic and popular than in its formation inhabit.

the Sonic imagery that plotted Mistage with his voice, will enrich with a selection of poems by Federico García Lorca and Cruz Salmerón Acosta, so, like, with dances of our peoples of the sea and the region of Sevilla, Spain, accompanied by Hugo Quintana) Renaissance and romantic guitars), Andrés Palmar (mandolin), Antonio Delli (Declamation), Yaritza Tinedo and José Herrera (dance) and Miguel Issa (stage direction). With this show closes the Edition 2018 of singer, cycle produced by the BOD Cultural Center to showcase the work of outstanding Venezuelan singers. This year, besides Mistage, have shone in the voices of Zeneida Rodríguez, Mariana Serrano, Valentina Becerra, Marina Bravo, Cyntia Irady and Elena Gil.

entries for Xiomara Mistage: when the dawn comes, are on sale at ticketmundo.com and the ticket desk of the BOD Cultural Center, La Castellana. For more information: centroculturalbod.com. Twitter and Instagram: @cculturalbod.


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