Difre El Specialist´a proposes “dance”

a.- Difre El Specialist´a, kids of the Duet Los unpleasant, officially presented his first song entitled “dance“, a jingle dance produced by Gabriel Aponte, will be included in their EP as a solo artist.

the artist stands out as a Billboard figure and seeks to consolidate is artistically innovating with genres such as electronica, merengue, baladas, among others. “There are women that you insane just to see them the first time and this song is dedicated to one of them,” he explains.

“I’ve left me influenced by rhythms of merengue and urban sounds, and thus was born this song which is a good danceable tropical merengue. It is to the public songs that can have fun and dance. Convinced that who listens to it can fall in to the beat of this song. And so was born this item entitled dance.”

dance speaks of a story of a couple who meet in a night atmosphere, in which the young man invites the girl in a very particular way to dance for hours. In addition to the official launch in the media, the artist will present on May 14 in their social networks the premiere of the sticky subject.

Difre framed his work in the urban tropical genre and the fusion of sounds, providing with dance a starter of what will be their first album, which will soon see light.


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