Nice is a “syrup of language”

Eduardo Chapellín.- “many friends and relatives told me to write the book to help many people who do not have clear ideas. To be well in life and have a good life required of health, love, family, and accomplishments. That’s my recipe,”said Judith Possin, author of the book”Language syrup”.

the first publication of this author shows his philosophy of life in simple and profound statements that reflect a particular style of proceeding and living: “is a compilation of the 80 most representative tips that I have been able to offer to my” relatives and friends, with whom I shared my vision of life since I arrived from Bogota to Caracas in 1976; “in an era where everything looked much easier than in the troubled Colombia”.

thoughts as “well led life is enjoyed in old age for the second time;” “Be clear on your goals”; “Follow your dreams. Defend your views”; “Don’t follow others. Follow your good judgment and do not fear criticism”; “Surround yourself with passionate people. “Fighting people you splash of good energy and they learn more”, are some of the tips laid out in this proposal that combines art and letters.

since Possin immigrated in Venezuela fell in love with the adjective and the climate, fresh and warm, Caracas: “it is an honor to live in a country of generous and brilliant people. “It was in Venezuela where redefined my life project: I strengthened my marriage, raised my two sons, forged great friendships and today put my legacy”.

“Language of syrup” editorial coordination was conducted by Gisela Cappellin. Silvia Beaujon was responsible for the editing of texts, illustrations were created by Gisela Arévalo; Aitor Muñoz Espinoza and printing graphic design was carried out in the workshops of the group La Galaxy.

walk through the colourful pages of “Syrup of language” is an enjoyment, a pause, an oasis: “the book leads to discover that you can live more fully and this will translate into well-being and happiness. I love how everyone is smiling when browse it since I always like to give happiness”.

for your Illustrator Gisela Arévalo, “the book was a challenge by the large number of ideas generated from the point of view of the illustrations and very complex in terms of the approach to colour”.

“Interestingly, the work was taking own life. While working I was advised by him, the words of Judith Possin, so clear and strong. We served as a guide to ultimately work as a whole; as the wonderful object that is”, said Arevalo.

y Possin has another text already quite advanced, “but now I will devote my strength to this first.”

syrup language” this available for orders to your email .

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