Macron: Rebuild Cathedral of Notre Dame in five years

a-the President of France, Emmanuel Macron has promised to rebuild in five years the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, devastated by a voracious fire the past April 15.

“we rebuild the Cathedral even more beautiful and I want to be complete in five years”, has asserted the President during a speech given to the French nation.

Macron has begun his brief speech praising the work of firefighters who battled the flames that consumed much of the roof of this temple and has emphasized that this disaster was “a traumatic experience” not only for France, but for all the world.

the Gallic leader added that France has seen wars and revolutions that destroyed their villages, cities, ports and churches, but “every timerebuild them”.

the day of the disaster, Macron had pledged to explain to their fellow citizens the measures France would take to counter the ‘Yellow Jackets’ protests, but he postponed that intervention to know the event. In this regard, he explained that “was not the right time

to talk about politics and that those issues could be addressed later.

the fire began around 18:50 local time (16:50 GMT) on Monday, at the top of the building.
The extinction of the fire worked about 400 firefighters, who took more than 14 hours to turn it off completely.
The structure of the Cathedral was preserved, but frame the roof and Center needle succumbed to the flames.
Two police officers and a firefighter were slightly injured.
The reasons for the disaster are still unknown, but fire department said that the fire might be caused by restoration work.



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