Trump punishable those who buy Iranian crude

A.- The American President, Donald Trump, decided that there will be no more waivers for any country – in the form of reductions in the volume-purchasing Iranian crude once the current ones expire on 2 may, reads a statement issued by the White House and reported by the Secretary of State of the USA, Mike Pompeo, during a press conference which took place in the course of this Monday morning.

The objective of this decision is to “reduce to zero exports of oil from Iran”, and thus denied the Islamic Republic, its main source of income, described in the note reported for the U.S. Presidency.

Thus, if from May 2 the India, Italy, Greece, Japan and Korea in the South, Turkey, China and Taiwan continue buying oil from Iran, U.S. will trigger new sanctions against them. From November 2018 mentioned States had been exempted from U.S. sanctions in order to gradually reduce imports of Iranian crude oil.

At the same time, “USA, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, three of the large energy producers in the world, along with our friends and allies,” are committed “to ensuring that world oil markets continue to be supplied properly”, have secured from the White House.

“We have agreed to take necessary steps to ensure that global demand is met since all of the Iranian oil disappears from the market”, they added.

Disturbances by zero policy

The announcement of Pompeo was anticipated by the reports of two anonymous State Department officials who spoke with The Washington Post. These sources saw that disruptions of the oil international market after ending purchases of Iranian oil would be minimal for two reasons: the offer is now greater that the demand and Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates will be willing to compromises in order to offset the situation.

“The policy of zero Iranian imports originated with the Secretary Pompeo”, revealed to the newspaper a senior State Department official. “It has implemented this policy in close coordination with the President at every step. Due to the conditions not to grant more significant exceptions reduction already they have fulfilled, we can now announce zero imports”, he concluded.

Currently the India and China are the largest importers of Iranian crude oil while Japan and South Korea are relatively less dependent on these imports. For its part, Greece, Italy and the Chinese island of Taiwan have already reduced its imports of Iranian crude to zero.

According to Reuters, Iran exported one million barrels of crude daily in March this year, while in April of last year, a month before Trump announced that USA withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal, crude oil exports reached 2.5 million b arriles.

Sanctions against the Persian nation

On November 5, the U.S. Treasury Department returned to introduce the economic restrictions against Tehran, which had been raised in the context of the Iranian nuclear deal, and included more than 700 people, and Iranian companies on a ‘blacklist’.

The measure represents “an unprecedented economic pressure” against the Islamic Republic and aims to “negotiate a comprehensive agreement that Iran to prevent the acquisition of permanent form of a nuclear weapon and will cease development of ballistic missiles of Iran”, according to the Agency.

On May 8, the President of USA, Donald Trump, announced the departure of United States of the Plan of action Integral whole and complete (JCPOA, by its acronym in English), with the argument that the document had failed to prevent “the enriching of uranium” on the part of Iran, which accused of violating the terms of the Pact and look so active made with nuclear weapons.
The other signatories of the agreement – United Kingdom, China, France, Russia and Germany–condemned such a move and have remained faithful to the provisions.


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