The Islamic State assumes responsibility for the attacks in Sri Lanka

A.- The Group jihadist Islamic State (EI) today took responsibility for the series of attacks in the Domingo of Resurrección in Sri Lanka against churches and luxury hotels which caused the death of at least 310 people and more than 500 wounded.

“The executors of the attack that aimed at the citizens of the countries of the coalition and Christians before yesterday are fighters of the Islamic State,” said in a brief statement a source of Security Agency Amaq, akin to the jihadists.

The authenticity of this information disseminated through the Telegram messaging network could not be verified.

The Agency of propaganda of the right-wing extremist group referred in his statement to the international coalition, which is led by the United States and formed by 75 countries, they outlined international agencies.

The Sri Lankan Government linked the attacks with the little known terrorist group local Islamist dyes National Thowheeth Jamath (NTJ), although he warned about possible foreign links.

In Sri Lanka the Christian population represents 7.4%, while Buddhists are 70.2%, 12.6% Hindus and Muslims 9.7%, according to data from the 2011 Census.


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