U.S. activist interrupted speech of Elliott Abrams on Venezuela

A-An activist of ‘CODEPINK‘, an NGO opposed to United States military occupations in other countries, interrupted on Thursday intervention by the Special Envoy of Washington for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, who participated in an event on the South American nation in the Atlantic Council, a study center that promotes the ideas of the The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

A video posted on the network includes the moment in which the Co-Director of Codepink, Ariel Elyse Gold, with a banner which reads ‘No to the coup in Venezuela‘, interrupted the speech of Abramscalled”war criminal“while economic sanctions pushed by the White House to”undermine the democracy of a country”and”undermine the Venezuelan people”he screams.

An activist of @codepink interrupted Elliott Abrams in an event on #Venezuela at the Atlantic Council. pic.twitter.com/0kmkFaTxvw

-Helena Villar (@HelenaVillarRT) April 25, 2019

Gold also said, while she was booed by the audience, that the self-proclaimed President Juan Guaidó “was not chosen by anyone” and more than six million people voted by Nicolas Maduro as President of Venezuela, recognized by the Organization of United Nations (UN).

Finally, the activist was expelled by members of the security staff, to the applause of the guests.


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