Urban Hidalgo, the corocotero choir

Urban Hidalgo lives in the sector San Nicolas I, in choir (Fal) where, for some twelve years, save clutter, objects and tools that have become a unique collection in the district, that distinguishes him as quite a character of your community.

A corocoteca is a collection of memories of the past, of things that were obsolete or brands that already disappeared, simply left the country or changed their trading name.

Urban Hidalgo, son of a family of wine producers, began more than one decade to collect boxes, pots, artifacts, utensils, instruments and much rare thing had in store or came to him from the hands of its neighbors; by the simple fact that loved collecting “rarities”.

He began keeping bottles of soft drinks, beer, rum, whiskey and still not to collect. It supports Nito, they popularly know him in the barrio San Nicolas, that never has paid “not half” for any of its treasures, since always get someone who knows about your hobby with some old object that adds to its already bulging collection.

This corocoteca coriana gathers, books, magazines, postcards, aluminium pots, typewriters, cooking utensils, containers of soft drinks – which were produced in choir and fixed point-, vials of perfumes and deodorants, hair dryers, Tin containers more than 20 brands of coffee and milk, which surely many still remember.

Their shelter is a valuable piece for Urbano, a rail and a coin that belonged to the path of the 12 km railway, which operated from 1897 to 1938 between choir and La Vela, the distance between the Marian city and its port, who gave life for 40 years to the railway ma small s of Venezuela: the Vela-Coro the national railroad.

Within this cluster of memories will find a gasoline dispenser for more than fifty years ago and that it was located in a Caujarao fuel station; In addition to electoral cartons, voting cards of the first electoral process – manual-, posters and material POP’s political campaigns from Betancourt and souvenirs of the candidates for Governors of the region.

On the walls of his house Urbano – who would like a more spacious place to display their collections-it proudly displays its plates of iron, computers, kerosene lamps, family and commercial wall clocks, old jars, cast iron pans, tools used in the plough, the stereo and books with which he learned to read and write many.

Great collection that holds today goes beyond what can be worth, due to that “memories of times that are no longer” are for the collector, who try to follow the evolution of the same through time, and where instruments music, cameras , sewing machines and traditional toys that are for his best legacy.

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