Sundde oversees sales of proteins

Each kilogram of benefited from whole chicken will have a value of 3,456 bolívares, thanks to the Special Plan of distribution of proteins launched by the National Executive.
The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas MaduroHe ordered the measure so that the ticket machines comply with fair prices and the people have access to animal protein.

The National Superintendence for the protection of the socio-economic rights (Sundde), affiliated entity to the Ministry of the Popular power of national trade, began the monitoring of the Meat plan that it seeks to ensure the protein at affordable prices to the people.

February 07, the Ministry of food reported that the Special Plan of distribution of proteins It seeks to supply the popular markets and local shops, it reported the website Ministry for communication and information.

The inspectors of the Sundde they have been deployed in businesses in the different areas of the country, both verifying the receipt of products in establishments, as well as the sale to consumers, in special operations.
Reminded the authorities of the Sundee consumers are the first inspectors who must monitor fair prices and asked for any reporting or irregularity over the phone 0800 IT RIGHT (5658786).

Also put at the disposal of the citizens mail complaint, as well as the account on the social network Twitter @DenunciaSundde and the Instagram @Sundde_Ve.

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