More negotiations?

Look professor, his words give me the floor to comment on the such a coup by Leopoldo López (LL) of 30A. And they lied to him because he declared himself from EMB. Of Spain that in his house-prison met with commanders, colonels, generals and stop you to count, to block and give the great Tanganazo to Nicolás Maduro (NM). According to that, the government either did not have counterintelligence or perhaps was certain of the professionalism of the direction of the SEBIN.

But this guarandinga is complicated when NM says the 10/05 that the head of the coup is General Figuera, director of that body who had been captured by the CIA. And knowing that he would be detained at 9am 30Ab the coup, release Lopez and escape. And one wonders, my man, why didn’t he get arrested before? Why wait 9 am to put the hooks in? Was there a crossed quiquIrIguiqui? One more thing, Don Antero. Commissioner Abrams publicly refers to the 01/05 that 15 points were negotiated between representatives of alleged dissidents of the official and the putschists. The government may say that it infiltrated the conspiracy or that it responded to a request for dialogue. But why does Lopez and Guaidó keep quiet?

Now professor, the 23F-19 Pompeo said that the committed military did not meet and Abrams repeats it when referring to the 30Ab. And that’s why the desperate ones in the We can’t alone! It is the order of “humanitarian armed forces” Yankee to liquidate at NM.

But notice, Don Antero, some call for intervention or invasion based on 187.11 and others simulate soliciting to distract the “radicals.” So when Duke requests Guaidó authorization to seize ELN guerrillas located on the Venezuelan border, he does not respond to avoid the possible onset of a border war, civil and international. It only offers to connect to the Southern Command (CS) with the majority of military that are against the government. The 01/05 stated in the Washington Post that the failure of 30A was due to an error in calculating military support. And the CS says it would only come to support military lifts. Well, professor, as long as they continue to negotiate so they will not advance and continue this government that has an internal clap-rate and external support headed by Russia, China and Iran. Sancho, I hope and it is not time to open the door to a war like Syria, Afghanistan or Vietnam!

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