Cantineoqueteveo. Barcelona launched a Hispanic SEO contest called Cantineoqueteveo

SEO is certainly one of the most profitable and sought after marketing strategies in the world, Because through this strategy, you can reach a true infinity of people, using as a means, the various search engines that exist (although mainly Google).

Due to the enormous profitability of this sector, there are many specialized agencies in this area that offer their services; And so it is not surprising that every certain time appears some SEO Contest Interesting, being the Cantineoqueteveo Contest, one of the largest that has been presented in what goes from 2019.

What’s the Cantineoqueteveo contest about?

This contest tries to position a portal with keyword Cantineoqueteveo in Google search for Spain; For this, it is essential that it be a web portal with a new domain; That is, that anyone who wants to participate, should buy a new domain and start their project, based on this.

It is important to emphasize that the SEO strategy It must be focused to the public of Spain, since the evaluation of the contest will be done from (more specifically, from Madrid).

On the other hand, the contest had its starting date on February 19 and will end on May 6th of this year (2019). According to the organizers of the contest, this is enough time for anyone to position, regardless of the SEO strategy you use.

The Cantineoqueteveo Contest Awards

The Cantineoqueteve SEO ContestOr is considered one of the largest of this 2019, because in total will be distributed 10,000 euros in prizes, not to mention that the winners will have access to products from the organisers of the event.

The 10,000 euros are divided as follows:

The first place will take 7,000 euros, plus a 6-month SEOBOX license.
The second place will take 2,000 euros, plus a 3-month SEOBOX license.
Third place, will take 1,000 euros, plus a SEOBOX license of 1 month.
It is worth mentioning that the places will depend on the position that the participants in the search engine have achieved with the keyword of the competition; That is to say, whoever positions first, will take the jackpot, and so progressively.

On the other hand The main winner of the contest will receive a job offer from Prensarank (one of the largest SEO agencies in Spain); Like the other participants, they will also be able to receive job offers from the organisers of the event.

Requirements to participate in the Cantineoqueteveo contest

Participation is totally free and open to everyone, the only requirement is to respect the rules of the contest.

Cantineoqueteveo SEO Contest Rules

Now if you want to Participate in the biggest SEO contest of this 2019, it is essential to take into account the rules that the organisers of the event have imposed; These standards are as follows:

You will only be able to participate with registered domains after February 19, 2019.
Expired domains cannot be used or have been linked in the past. This is something that will be checked before you deliver the prizes.
Subdomains are not supported as Blogspot, WordPress, among others. It must be a clean and newly created domain.
Can be used SEO Strategies Black Hat and White Hat.
It is important to emphasize that before making the winners, they will first be verified that they have complied with the rules; If not, they will be disqualified immediately and the winner becomes the next.

On the other hand, the evaluation of the contest will be done from (with a desktop computer in Madrid), using the SeoBox software. Despite the fact that the positioning must be done in Google’s search engine Spain, anyone can participate in the contest, no matter where it is.

WHO organizes this contest?

A contest is nothing, if behind it are not great organizers that guarantee the transparency of the same; In this sense, this SEO Contest Account in addition to the Official site Cantineoqueteveo. Barcelona by Pablo Lari, with organizers who have a great reputation in the sector. These organizers are the following:

Raiola Networks: This Hosting company, has a great reputation in Spain and is one of the main sponsors of this contest.
PrensaRank: This SEO agency specializes in creating links from authority portals, not to mention offering other services. In addition, they are the owners of the Cantina Marketa project, and can be considered as the main organizers of this great contest.
SeoBox: SeoBox is a tool of SEO, that integrates different options for the experts of this world.
LinkaPress: This SEO agency specializes in manual links, among other things. Its reputation is considerable because it has managed to position complicated niches.

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