The right not to be hungry

I dare say that the right not to be hungry is not constitutionally established anywhere in the world. What exists in the constitutions of the States is the obligation of food, that is, the obligation of the parents to give food to the children and that duty of the children towards the parents, but one does not come to understand that the hungry ones have the right to the food and that the Specificity of that right points-as Amartya K. Sen, a Nobel laureate in economics-said a while ago, discussed the person’s most basic right in relation to the political and moral responsibility of society. This is where the socialist state must assume its greatness to build a fundamental right of life.

In Venezuela, the constitution is approaching the fight against hunger by stating that the law will establish the necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the effectiveness of the food obligation. But it all comes down to a duty, not a right. That is why, at a time when a new constitution is being debated, and it is a very relevant issue in countries with high poverty rates, such as in Africa and Latin America, and even a warning point for countries that are “impoverished” or Developed with appreciable percentage of poor living in tents or in any space of a street, it is opportune that the constituent convert to the Bolivarian Constitution in the first that assumes, without programmatic utopias or poetry, the right not to be hungry.

It is a right of vital importance in these times of crisis for a society, like the Venezuelan one, today fully sensitized to understand the importance of the right not to be hungry and to accept it at a high constitutional, moral and political level, that guarantees the State action in the protection of the entire population, with priority to the socially weak. The clap, for example, to the extent that its collective function is not denature, is extended every day to more sectors and is perfected like a central structure of the social security, will be one of the many expressions in the effective fulfillment of that right. Finally, on the day that the right to be not hungry is constitutionally affirmed, we will speak in a different tone and a productive society, truly human and of real peaceful coexistence. No pettiness.

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