Hotel occupancy on the eve of Pride celebrations

In 2018 overcame the hotel occupancy on the eve of the gay pride celebrations in Madrid, an exponential increase is expected for this year, during 40 years Madrid becomes the capital of the most anticipated festivities by the LGTBI community, considered the most Important both in Europe and in the world. There are different ways to stay when you are on holiday, if you are inclined by Cheap hotels To enjoy all that the city offers and you are looking for a well located accommodation and a good price, so do not complicate and travel the whole city while you sleep comfortably in a place with all the comforts. This way you only have to worry about seeing where you will enjoy the relaxing nights in the big city.

Madrid is thus consolidated, according to the same sources, like “the European Capital of LGTBI tourism, thanks to the organizing organizations of the pride, and to the institutional support of the city Council of Madrid and of the community”.

In the capital of Madrid is easy to enjoy a wide and varied offer of luxury accommodation that offer all kinds of services and the most exclusive amenities… And that is, apparently for a more economical price than in the rest of European capitals. Compared to other cities, Madrid offers the same services for much less money.

If you decide to rent a car in Madrid, in addition to touring its busy streets, you can make a getaway (or more) to its surroundings (Segovia, Toledo). Just an hour’s drive from the center you can discover spectacular places that will leave you with your mouth open and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

From Friday June 28 to Sunday July 7, 2019 is the Great Festival of Pride LGTBI and will be held in the neighborhood of Chueca and some of the main streets of Madrid. A great festival to celebrate, debate and show diversity, whose central act will be the worldwide manifestation of pride, so do not forget to pack your suitcase and book from now to the most important week of the year.

In the face of this 2019, it is believed that the “growing demand” of the European hotel occupation will be maintained, especially in Spain, other destinations like Barcelona that is a cosmopolitan and open city is nothing new. And that also includes the community, as it could not be otherwise.

In addition, it has sitges, this small city on the coast of Barcelona is one of the tourist destinations that more LGBT tourists receive each year. Good weather, good food, tranquility in winter and atmosphere in summer, a celebration of the most acclaimed Gay pride and good connectivity: just 20 minutes from Barcelona Airport and one hour from downtown. In Sitges practically all the accommodations are friendly.

The last few years has increased the tourism in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria that offer a lot of hotels focused on this young audience.

Spain has become one of the most visited destinations in recent years for both the LGTBI community and the rest of the world, you just have to organize and take precautions before planning your entire itinerary.

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