More than 3,000 TN of food arrive in New Sparta

Some 3,125 metric tons of food arrived on Monday at the international port El Guamache, Nueva Esparta, on the ship Manuel Gual of the Venezuelan Navigation Corporation S.A. (Venavega), which will be distributed to these communities of the southeast of the Sea Caribbean.

The Motonave brought 125 containers with food items to the country’s only island state, including 2,892.8 tonnes in Clap boxes, 180 tons of rice and 52.2 tonnes of edible oil.

The president of Venavega, GB Arnulfo Alburjas Sánchez, stressed that “the shipping company actively participates in the Cabotage Plan carried out by the National Government, through the Great Sovereign Supply Mission and the Great Transport Mission, which makes possible the accompaniment, safeguarding, transport and maritime distribution of Venavega”.

From the Cabotaje Plan that began in July 2018, Venavega guarantees the transfer of food for the Venezuelan population on two major water transport routes; one that covers the entire West and another the eastern states, having as cargo ports La Guaira and Puerto Cabello.

This plan is based on the development of multimodal transport designed under the guidelines of the Minister of the People’s Power for Transport, Hipólito Abreu, and the strategic lines and public policies of President Nicolás Maduro, to address the imperial economic war and the siege of the Clap.

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