Bachelet: with the stick you measure

1 With the rod which ye measure, ye shall be measured, saith the gospel. The idea that they can do as they please prevail. Those who demand compliance from others must conform to those that govern their own performance. United Nations adopted at its first session on June 18, 2007 a “Code of Conduct for mandate holders of special human rights procedures“. As it is obligatory for these, it should be more so for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Ohchr).

2 Article 13 of that code provides that “mandate holders shall: (a) bear in mind the need that their personal political opinions do not disregard the fulfilment of their mission and base their conclusions and recommendations on assessments objectives of the human rights situation.” But already in the 12th part of a report of 82, before exposing the facts, OHCHR issues its verdict: “The diversion of resources, corruption and lack of maintenance in public infrastructure, as well as underinvestment, have resulted in violations of the right to adequate standard of living, among others, due to the deterioration of basic services such as public transport and access to electricity, water and natural gas.” Similarly, in the separate 15: “In addition to the hyperinflation and contraction of the economy, the economic and social policies adopted over the past decade have weakened the systems of food production and distribution, increasing the amount of people who depend on food assistance programs.”

According to OHCHR, each and every problem in the country would be attributable to the government: none to actions by imperial powers, their accomplices, businessmen or the opposition. The warning of the apart 44 of the previous one is not taken into account Report by Alfredo de Zayas: “It is essential to study the causes of the crisis, including factors that have not been taken into account, namely sanctions, sabotage, hoarding, black market activities, induced inflation, food and medicine smuggling.” First the sentence, then the trial, says the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland.

3 OHCHR states in section 14 that “The persons constantly interviewed referred to a lack of access to food, owing to both scarcity and unaffordable prices. The availability of enough quality food is poor, and interviewees said they ate once, or at most twice, a day and consumed few protein or vitamins.” No evidence or sources are accompanying. If we take into account that 82% of the alleged interviews were conducted abroad, if they were true they would be referring to other countries. The claim that women should spend “an average of 10 hours a day lining up for food” is meaningless, since if they spend so much time on it, neither managers nor heads of households could work or devote themselves to home care. A separate comment deserves the “local sources” – as always, unidentified or quantified – who would have reported “cases” of women “forced to exchange food for sex”. With the same absence of evidence, it could be said that the providers of this sensationalist news exchanged them for sex.

4 According to Mark Twain, the Devil can read the Bible, Bachelet you can also lie with statistics citing in its separate 15, that FAO has 3.7 million malnourished Venezuelans by 2015-2018. But omitto mention that, according to the same source, by 2000-2002, in a country that was barely out of bisth and about 20 million inhabitants, the figure was 4.1 million malnourished people, and that by 2010-2011, it fell to 1.1 million: that is, in a decade, , the Bolivarian government reduced the number of malnourished by three-quarters. Less quote Bachelet that between 2013 and 2015, years in which the offensive against Venezuela is unleashed, the figure increases to 2.4, and that accompanying the intensity of the aggression, it reaches only in 2018 the aforementioned figure of 3.7 million malnourished. And since Bachelet cites FAO statistics, it is strange that he overlooks the Serious Food Insecurity Index which the same source yields for Chile: from 3.9 to 2014-2016, and from 4.4 for 2017, during its second presidency in that country. It does not explain how a human rights defender denounces other countries for allegedly non-compliance with what she did not enforce when she gobe naba in hers. According to the Gospel, when the Pharisee denounces the straw in the eye of others, it is because he does not see the beam in his own.

5 Eighty-two articles such as this would require commenting on the 82 apart from Bachelet’s report. A final consideration. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights was invited by our authorities. No UN standard empowered her to visit our country by choice, nor did it require us to receive it. It was we who, knowing that it represents an international body heavily influenced by venezuela’s enemy powers, and taking into account its conservative political career, convened it despite the high probability that it would present a negative report. Once again the nefarious tendency of some officials to ignore our country’s sovereignty without need and to submit it to foreign bodies to accuse, judge and condemn us. In addition, OHCHR plans to leave us installed a Permanent Office, in charge of a person linked to Diego Arria and as editor-in-chief of denigrating reports against Venezuela. As long as we continue to give ourselves to foreign powers, they will continue to destroy us.

AME5083. CARACAS (VENEZUELA), 20/06/2019.- The United Nations high commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, attends a meeting with Venezuelan government authorities on Thursday, at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Chancellery, in Caracas, Venezuela. Bachelet visits Venezuela after dozens of opposition petitions, which claims that the government of Nicolás Maduro imprisons innocent dissidents and systematically violates human rights. EFE/ Miguel Gutierrez

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