Executive set goal to close 2019 with production of 2 million barrels of oil

After re-running to more than one million barrels of oil the president of the Bolivarian Republic, Nicolás Maduro, set this Saturday the goal of closing the year 2019 with the Production 2 million barrels of oil per day and revenue to be allocated to public investment.

“If we are going to make it up more than a million, we have to consider the big goal at the end of the year, to be in the 2 million barrels of oil, wealth to invest in housing, health, education,” he said at a popular rally in El Calvario, Caracas, in condemnation for U.S. government’s aggression against the country.

This week the US government took new restrictive measures against Venezuela, formalizing an economic blockade, by means of an executive order. U.S. prohibitions are aimed at preventing the Republic from having access to the purchase of food, medicine, international credit, among other elements.

To overcome the economic difficulties caused by the blockade of North America, the Head of State called on his ministers to increase the capacity of Venezuelan industries, as well as oil production and finally to improve the social protection system, Venezuelans.

He stated that the Local Committees for Production and Supply (Clap) will insure 12 million food combos to 6 million families receiving the food box each month since the creation of the Claps.

“I have ordered the Minister of Industry, the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Food that we have to guarantee with own production by the end of this year, between November and December, the 12 million Clap that we bring to the 6 million families with domestic production,” he said in the activity broadcast on VTV.


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