Sundde sanctions more than 50 parking lots in Caracas and sets rates

National Superintendency for the Defense of Socio-Economic Rights
(Sundde), sanctioned more than 50 parking lots in Caracas, for incurring the
crime of conditioning, speculation
and usury in their rates.

The measure was
established by the complaints of users and users, through the
National Trade Minister Willian Contreras at headquarters
(centre of the governing body) and telephone line 0212-615-93-51/9387, because of the
exorbitant charges on services, as well as dictating fees
as the only regime, these actions being a violation in terms of
established in the Organic Fair Prices Act (LOPJ).

Before the
non-compliance with the established regulations, the measures to be implemented are as follows:

1. They shall apply hereto
the extent of natural and legal persons engaged in the reception, storage and
custody of motor vehicles must ensure 
vehicle safety through the insurance policy of
civil liability with garajista guarantees, covering claims
occur while they are in your custody and custody

2. They will be exhibited
visible in the parking lot’ accesses, the parking lot’s name and its
tax information registration number, the fees charged for the
establishment, the hours of service, and the number of seats available to the

3. The
parking service providers must issue receipts for each
vehicle, whose information must at least specify the name of the vehicle
rIF, date, time of entry and departure of the vehicle,
vehicle plates.

4. The
providers of the parking service, must provide all means
payment, which must be in legal tender currency, the bolivar.

5. Set price
hourly for the public parking or garage service, until both
publish the technical regulations for the provision of the service, as below
described according to the Parking Classification: Structural
(Mechanical and Non-Mechanical) and No
Structural (Discovered)

These are the rates set by preventive measure:

Capital Region:
Bs./Hrs. Structural: 900 / Structural No: 800

Central Region:
Bs./Hrs. Structural: 800/ Structural No: 600

Western: Bs./Hrs. Structural: 700/ Structural No: 600

Bs./Hrs. Structural: 600/ Structural No:

Los Andes Region:
Bs./Hrs. Structural: 600/ No
Structural: 500

Plains: Bs./Hrs. Structural: 500/ No
Structural: 400

Guyana Region:
Bs./Hrs. Structural: 500/ No
Structural: 400

It is an obligation
suppliers offer goods and services, of optimum quality at fair prices,
without any conditioning and offering citizens
decent and equitable treatment, the Sundde’s press release notes.

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