1 million signatures have been collected during protest day No More Trump!

“Today afternoon we have reached 1 million signatures from the national process No More Trump!” (No more Trump) reported the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, about the day of global protest that began last Saturday, August 10 in rejection of the sanctions imposed by the American empire on Venezuela.

The executive order issued by Donald Trump on August 7 freezes all Venezuelan assets in his country and prevents both nations from conducting trade transactions, the measure breaks all the legal statutes and human rights established by the Organization of United Nations (UN).

Since last Saturday peoples of the world have joined the call by providing their solidarity: Berlin, Brazil, Portugal, China, Russia, Namibia, France, Bolivia, Portugal have been part of the countries that have deployed in their regions the process of collecting firms to be compiled and elevated to the UN Secretary-General next September.

The information was provided by the Head of State during the sixth anniversary of the Mission, Great Missions and Micro Missions System held at the Teatro Teresa Carrero, in Caracas.

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