Plácido Domingo will be investigated for allegations of alleged sexual harassment of eight singers and a dancer

The Los Angeles Opera (LA Opera) announced on Tuesday that he will open an investigation into Plácido Domingo, the director general of this institution since 2003, on allegations of alleged sexual harassment that were alleged on monday against him by eight singers and a dancer.

“The Los Angeles Opera has robust human resources policies and procedures in place. According to these policies, LA Opera will seek outside advice to investigate the troubling allegations about Plácido Domingo,” the company said in a statement released by EFE.

After learning the decision, the Philadelphia Orchestra on Tuesday announced the cancellation of a Sunday performance that was scheduled for September 18 as the grand opening of its concert season.

However, the tenor, if he will perform at the Salzburg Festival on August 25, with Nino Machaidze and Cecilia Molinari, as the Austrian organization does support Domingo.

The allegations that were released on Monday when theSee women from the world of opera confess to The Associated Press that for three decades were sexually harassed by Plácido Domingo at gatherings at venues such as the Washington Opera House, the Los Angeles Opera and other famous theaters.

According to them, for years, Sunday, one of the opera’s most celebrated and powerful men, has tried to pressure women to engage in sexual relations by offering them work and sometimes punishing women professionally when they rejected their proposals, they secured the Agency.

Only one of the nine women who have accused the tenor has agreed to give her identity. It’s about Patricia Wulf, a mezzo-soprano who sang with Domingo at the Washington Opera House. The others have asked not to give their name, as they are still engaged in opera and fear reprisals or being publicly humiliated and even harassed.

The tenor has so far not responded directly to these Accusations, but has issued a statement: “The accusations of these unidentified persons dating back to 30 years are deeply troubling and, as is present, inaccurate,” he said.

“Still, it’s painful to hear that I may have upset someone or made them uncomfortable, no matter how long ago and despite my best intentions. I believed that all my interactions and relationships were always welcome and condoned. People who know me or have worked with me know that I am not someone who would intentionally harm, offend or embarrass anyone,” the artist continues in his note.

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