Productive Workers’ Councils to be incorporated into the Executive Vice President

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Friday that the Productive Councils of Workers (CTP) are joining the structure of the Executive Vice-Presidency of the Republic from this week.

The announcement was made from the II National Meeting of Productive Councils of Workers (CTP), in the spaces of the Venezuelan Planning School (EVP), where the CPTs, delivered several proposals to the national representative.

“I decide as President of the Republic to incorporate the national management body of the CPT into the structure of the Executive Vice-Presidency of the Republic from this week on, ” announced the Head of State

It also approved the agenda proposed by the Productive Workers’ Councils and assured that these measures are part of the process of working from the government, to address the blockade, “to deal with imperialist economic aggression and we have built powerful reaction forces,” he said.

It also approved the extension of the CPTs in a thousand company 119 to 2 thousand throughout the national territory. It requested to meet with these 700 new CPTs within one month to evaluate the work done so far.


The CPTs proposed to promote the socialist business management model, with the aim of strengthening the 16 engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda and tackling the economic, financial and trade blockade imposed by the United States (USA) in Venezuela, as well as Migdelis Campos, representative of the popular yaracuy state.

They rejected the executive decree signed by US President Donald Trump, which orders to freeze Venezuela’s assets and assets in the US nation, as well as prohibit economic and trade transactions.

“We strongly reject the rude, genocidal and aberrant aggressions of the American empire that applies to our beloved homeland, sanctions, boycott, and social blockade, thus showing the despair of a decadent empire that has not and will not be able to overthrow the people of Bolivar and Chavez”,

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