Purchase of air tickets in Conviasa can now be made through Petro Pago

On Monday, the national superintendent of Cryptoactivos and Related Activities (Sunacrip), Joselit Ramírez, reported that Petro Pago, a new electronic payment method, is now available on the airline of the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Services (Conviasa), where users can buy air tickets using this platform.

Ramírez explained that from the portal of Conviasa users can purchase the travel tickets and pay with Petros, through the payment gateway of the sovereign cryptoasset, who in just two minutes collects, validates and issues the ticket, refers a note from the Vicepre Sectoral Economy.

Other merchants have also joined this payment method such as Ciudad Traki, Tennis Shop, estuagencia24.com and e-commerce stores such as petroshop.com and tupetrotienda.com, as well as the Autonomous Intellectual Property Service (Sapi ) for the payment of trademark and patent registration procedures.

Petro Pago is a technological platform that allows, in a secure, reliable and flexible way, to manage payment operations of crypto-assets of goods and services, to energize the economy and the massification of the Petro ecosystem.

Ramírez explained that Petro Pago is currently installed in various shops with a QR mode in which the user owns a PetroApp and can make the payment immediately through a scan quickly, safely and reliably.

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