136 red alerts executed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office

This Friday, attorney general Tarek William Saab offered a balance sheet on extraditions by the Public Prosecution Service. In this regard, it reported that a total of 136 red alerts requested by this ministry have been executed.

“Of the extraditions requested from other countries, there are 43 applications for homicide, 24 for fraud, 20 per association, 15 for drug trafficking, 11 for legitimization of capital and 5 for corruption,” the prosecutor highlighted as well as the 13 people extradited in countries Spain, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Peru and Colombia.

In this regard, the prosecutor also pointed to the murder case of Orlando Figuera, Enzo Franchini, who was identified in technical evidence as one of those responsible for the burning that occurred in Plaza Altamira.

He highlighted the case of Joel Palmar, who was arrested in Colombia, considered the largest drug kingpin from Venezuela to the Dominican Republic. “Palmar underwent weight loss surgery. He does not suffer from serious health problems that prevent prosecution in Venezuela,” Saab said.

Palmar was linked to the shipment of 150 cocaine panelines in 2013 from Miranda airport, with the intention of trafficking him to other borders. At this point, the prosecutor pointed out that in April 2018, Luisa Ortega Díaz declared from Colombia that the Venezuelan government intended to take Palmar, so that it would testify against him.

“Statement that should be interpreted as a call not to extradite Palmar to hide information with his collaboration,” Tarek said.

Finally, the prosecutor stressed that the objective is to make the fight in the country from the Public Prosecutor’s Office more relevant.

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