Executive Vice President To Articulate Solid Waste Plan for Recycling

“I commission the vice-presidency to be articulated in the reuse of raw material sins and somehow the people benefit from solid waste and be well organized with popular power,” President Nicholas Nicholas Maduro, from the Plastic Processor Industrial Complex located in Valles del Tuy, Miranda state.

The Executive Vice-President of the Republic will be the body responsible for articulating the Solid Waste Plan for the recycling process in the country.

“We need to organize a national community, communal, popular recycling system,” the head of state said.

On the other hand, he asked the Vice-President of the Economic area, Tareck El Aisammi, to submit a report of the Blue Tank Plan, in order to enhance it and allocate the necessary resources to continue its implementation.

How many millions of tanks can be produced in this plan? What does it take for every household in the country to have a tank capable of providing the water service it requires?…”I want to give every Venezuelan their water tank,” the National Mansion inquired.

He added that the way to achieve a sovereign and independent nation in all aspects of social, economic and political life is to produce everything the country needs internally.

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