Delcy Rodriguez: Extremist, fascist right gathers for Venezuela’s destruction

The vice president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, reported this Saturday that the Venezuelan right was at the helm of the sabotage that halted operations on line 1 of the Caracas Metro during this Friday.

“The extremist, fascist right gathers for the destruction of Venezuela. In one meeting they decided to attack public services, and yesterday line 1 of the Caracas Metro suffered sabotage,” he said during a tour at the Feria del Campo Soberano in El Paraíso parish, Caracas.

Rodriguez made the work of the workers, who managed to restore commercial service in record time.

He also indicated that while the Venezuelan right continues to cease his attack on the Venezuelan people, the Bolivarian Revolution continues to work to bring as much happiness as possible.

“They attack the National Electric System to leave our people without electricity, without transport, without water but the Bolivarian Revolution works alongside the people carrying food, medicine, well-being,” he said.

A high-voltage cable outage near the La Paz substation was the reason for the commercial operations of line 1 of the Caracas Metro on Friday.

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