Maduro declares orange alert at border in warning of Colombia’s threat of aggression

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, on Tuesday declared an orange alert in states bordering Colombia, facing false positives to bring about a war against the country.

During the commemoration of the Ninth Anniversary of the Bolivarian Military University, Maduro ordered the head of CEOFANB, Remigio Ceballos, to declare an orange alert, in response to the threat of aggression that from Colombia would be planning against Venezuela.

The Venezuelan President also denounced the attack on the Fatherland would be being supported by leaders of the right and deputies of the National Assembly in contempt.

“Ivan Duque is preparing an attack on Venezuela and there are Venezuelan politicians who promote that aggression against our territory,” the head of state said.

#ANUNCIO 📹 “I have ordered the FANB Operational Strategic Commander and all military units at the border to declare an orange alert against Colombia’s threat of aggression against Venezuela,” the national representative reported. @NicolasMaduro

— Presidential Press (@PresidencialVen) September 3, 2019

He also ordered military exercises on the border with Colombia, following threats from the neighboring country to create a conflict between the two nations.

“All military units at the border declare an orange alert against Colombia’s threat of aggression against Venezuela and start military exercises from a master class on September 10 to September 28,” the head of state said from a master class imparted to cadets and officers of the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela.

The maneuvers will be carried out in the states Zulia, Táchira Apure and Amazonas, territories that make up the 2,219 kilometers of border that Venezuela shares with Colombia.

“We know there’s a maneuver to try to scale a set of false positives (…) the Government of Colombia (…) now aims for a false positive to attack Venezuela and start a military conflict against our country,” he said.

The maneuvers will aim to safeguard and preserve security and sovereignty throughout the border with Colombia, as announced by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

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