“Civic-military union is firm in defense”

The Operational Strategic Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb) yesterday assured that the civic-military union is cohesive and firm for the nation’s integral defense.

“In the face of constant attacks on the Fatherland of Bolivar; the #FANB with the Bolivarian People are cohesive, firm and strengthened in the geostrategic and constitutional vision of our Cmdte Chávez for the Integral Defense of the Nation,” the institution said on Twitter, a day after the President Nicolás Maduro will declare the orange alert in the face of threats of aggression from the Colombian territory against Venezuela.

Prior to the presidential instruction, Defense Minister G/J Vladimir Pdrino Lopez emphasized that fanb will ensure “for our sovereignty and we will respond militarily; and we will do it forcefully in self-defense.”
The head of ceofanb, A/J Remigio Ceballos, had instructed the Zones and Regions of Integral Defense to be “on permanent alert”.

“The Fanb will guarantee the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our nation and we maintain permanent and progressive deployment to beat any aggressor against the ground,” he added on twitter.

Likewise, the Chief of Staff of the Command-in-Chief, Jesús Suarez Chourio, denounced that “the Administration headed by @IvanDuque is still in its attempt to “cover up” the complex and delicate reality that this brother country lives; and continues its policies of aggression and provocation against Venezuela

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