Vice-President urges union in the face of a right-wing attempt to negotiate the School

This Saturday the Executive Vice-President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, called on the national union in rejection of the right’s attempt – led by the former deputy of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó – to negotiate the territory of the Esequibo, in exchange for political support .

During a statement broadcast by Venezuela nuna de Televisión, Rodríguez emphasized that “a politician who negotiates the Esequibo can only have the rejection of the people. A politician who steals Venezuela’s assets can only have the rejection of the people. This is a matter of national unity. The only one that has been unmarked is Juan Guaidó with his gang of thieves. That’s the absolute truth. It is a joy for the Venezuelan people to be in the minority. The Esequibo is a matter of national unity.”

From the Mission Base “Continent Revolution 318” – where she conducted an inspection of the Plan to Care for Victims of the U.S. Economic, Financial and Trade Blockade – the Executive Vice President emphasized that in Venezuela “Trump was defeated” and asserted that the National Government will continue to “work to defeat the blockade” of the US, which has left million-dollar losses to the South American nation, as well as the difficulty of accessing medical supplies and food to care for the people.

“We will never give up our sovereignty,” Rodriguez stressed.

Last Thursday, Rodriguez denounced the conspiracy plans of the Venezuelan right to hand over the Esequibo territory to oil transnationals, attacking the sovereignty of the country.

In the face of this complaint, the Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated a criminal investigation against the contempted deputy; Neumann, and Avendaño, for the illegal negotiation of the Esequibo territory, in exchange for political support from the United Kingdom.


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