Maduro: I call on Colombia for peace

On Monday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro
Moros convened the Council for the Defence of the Nation, made up of members of the
Executive Cabinet, public power holders and members of the State
Joint Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), to the Simon Hall
Bolivar, from Miraflores Palace.

“Today we have met in constitutional convocation, the Council
Defence As well as Article 323 of the Magna Carta
to address the issue of the Colombian government’s war-fighting threat against
Venezuela,” Maduro said.

He explained that the goal is to deliver him to the Defense Council
“the collective conduct of this threat, of Colombia with the
Republic of Venezuela.”

“I have delivered, as Head of State, to the Defence Council of
the Nation to collectively conduct as the highest instance of the State of this
real threat situation,” the head of state said.

The national representative called on the people of Colombia
“to wisdom, to weighting and to put the historical interests of our
countries above any petty plan.”

“I call Colombia for peace, they must ring the bell
of peace and not the trumpets of war, ” insisted Maduro, and extended the
called on the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to intercede in favour of
peace between Colombia and Venezuela.

Maduro reported that in the last three months, since the
Colombian government intelligence agencies have tried to capture
Venezuelan non-commissioned officers ” to affect the radar system,
air defense, anti-aircraft defense and missile system (…)  42 shares in three months,” he said.

He added that this has happened “with the ruinous and
miserable of a group of civilian and military traitors” who are in Bogota.

He reiterated that Colombia has a government “that hates Venezuela
and that responds to alignments that come to it from guerrilla sectors that aspire to a
armed conflict between the two countries.”

“We have the evidence of how from Colombia it conspired to
send terrorist groups to attack public services, public powers and
to touch civilian and military targets within our country,” the representative stressed.

He also reiterated that Venezuela was a participant and guarantor of the
peace process in Colombia. “Today they take as excuses the failure of the
peace and the upsurge in war within Colombia, in only one year
600 social leaders and nearly 200 demobilized former fighters have been killed
FARC,” he said.

He reiterated that on Tuesday, September 10, the military exercises “Sovereignty and Peace” on the border with Colombia were beginning and stressed that more than 90% of the Orange Alert is active to safeguard national sovereignty.

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