Venezuela asks Michelle Bachelet to work with objectivity and impartiality

During the 42nd session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council (HRD), Venezuela’s representative to the organization, Jorge Valero, on Tuesday called on the UN High Commissioner for HRDs, Michelle Bachelet, exercise their duties with objectivity and impartiality.

The High Commissioner must “take into account the existing challenges and national contexts and circumstances of the Member States in order to exercise their actions with objectivity, independence and impartiality; and foster constructive dialogue and cooperation,” Valero quoted by the Republic’s Chancellery in a press release said.

Valero intervened on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement (Mnoal) that Venezuela presides over and will deliver to Azerbaijan this year. The Venezuelan diplomat stated that the Mnoal is committed to working constructively with the High Commissioner and strengthening the credibility of the human rights apparatus.

“We share the High Commissioner’s concern about serious acts of discrimination in many regions, widespread violations of economic and social rights, human rights violations in the context of the fight against terrorism and attacks motivated by stereotypes and hatred,” he added.

The Venezuelan ambassador explained that Bachelet leads the UN Office of High Commissioner for HRD at a crucial moment for the United Nations and the international community in the face of a world in which the human rights system is under threat.


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