JPSUV to march on Thursday against Colombia attacks

This Thursday, September 12, the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPSUV), will mobilize in a march in Caracas to protest against the war promoted by the Colombian oligarchy.

“The call is for mobilization on September 12 in the context of the 11th anniversary of the youth of the PSUV; this march aims to defend life, peace, the rights of our people and also for the right of the humble Colombian people to avoid war,” said the member of the National Leadership of the Jpsuv, Pedro Infante, from the House of Letters AndrĂ© s Bello, located in Caracas,

It should be noted that the Jpsuv was born on 12 September 2008 and among its members counts the participation of young people between 15 and 30 years of age, who are part of the avant-garde of the revolutionary process.

For his part, the Vice President of Mobilization and Events of the PSUV, Dario Vivas, added that Venezuela will not surrender to the American empire. “We have a street day for the defense of the homeland,” he said.

He detailed that the popular mobilization will depart at 10 a.m. from the monument of the indigenous peoples located in Plaza Venezuela to the Miraflores Palace.

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