BDV arrived in Canaguá to install MiComunaBDV Digital

With the firm purpose of bringing its products and services to the Venezuelan people, the Bank of Venezuela moved to the municipality Arzobispo Chacón of the state of Merida, to install My Digital ComunaBDV.

After a week of uninterrupted work in the municipality Zea, the BDV mobilized its virtual office to the towns of the south of the Andean entity to bankrupt its inhabitants.

During this day that will be extended for five days of work, the parishes Canaguá, Mucutuy, Mucuchachí, Chacantá, El Molino, Capurí and Guaimaral will be able to carry out their financial formalities without having to travel long distances.

Until next Friday, October 11, the U.E.B. Barinas State in Canaguá will host the commercial services team so that the merideños can make personal and legal accounts, affiliation to electronic channels, request for cards in addition to opting for BiopagoBDV devices for your stores.

Local entrepreneurs, for their part, will receive credit counseling to manage financing that drives the growth of their socio-productive projects at the mayor’s headquarters.

In this sense, Mayor Yolimar Belandria urged all canagoeros to enjoy the goodness of the arrival of My Digital CommuneBDV south of Merida.

“Today our people are filled with joy! Small and medium-sized producers of the municipality Archbishop Chacón and the inhabitants of its seven parishes are very grateful for this day, with their team of more than 50 people who are deployed to serve them and make their lives easier,” he said.

In this way, the Bank of Venezuela reaffirms its commitment to the consolidation of financial and technological sovereignty, as well as contributing to the economic stability of the homeland.

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