El Aissami: From Aragua state national production is boosted

Sectoral Vice President of Economics, Tareck El Aissami, visited on Wednesday the Organic Rangel Commune to oversee the production of seed and food that is developed from this space in Aragua state.

During the meeting he explained, that from the Commune we work on the production of seeds to supply the domestic production.

“It’s about continuing to activate the planting production, replacing what we used to buy in any market and now we can’t do it because of the blockade. Now with the induction of our peasants and scientists we can move towards true sovereignty and break the moorings with the transnationals,” said the vice president.

The minister of industries and national production, Tareck El Aissami, gave a reconnaissance to the Francisco de Miranda Front and added that the production chain, fertilizers, water, seeds must be ensured and assured that the wheat production and cane planting.

For his part the Minister of Agricultural Production and Lands of Venezuela, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, explained that in the place there is a seed laboratory from where more than a thousand kilos of seeds are produced, “green and dry mass for the replacement of soy, you have the bioinsumos, we start with 100 thousand kilolitres, biocontrollers are missing, and biofertilizers are 100% activated,” he said.

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