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Henry of Villena argues in his Treaty of aojnation or fascinology, that “it is a hidden and unknown enemy that causes the evil eye, fascinating with a mysterious force through the gaze. And this is so, in an enigmatic sense, to understand that the gaze of the fascinator does not need to penetrate the eyes of the fascinated, but that the gaze acts as an envelope, and takes effect even on people who do not have eyes”.

It could then be explained in this way the no longer casual state of misfortune in which inevitably all those who in one way or another appear portrayed next to the Sayona del Avila, as the wife of terrorist leader Leopoldo López is known today throughout the country.

If the evils known to humans are usually attributed to the specters of the deepest darkness of the night, Lilian Tintori will pass to posterity as the only entity whose perfidious effect spreads without limits or boundaries even in broad daylight , precisely because the haunting of its pava does not come to contact with it, but is incubated in the pixels of a timeless photograph.

There is no longer any doubt about how dangerous it is to take a picture next to the Tintori. She herself has preferred to take the body out of the matter leaving to the free interpretation of the world the truthfulness or not of what has definitely become the most resonant contemporary curse of all who have known in our history times of the colony, by virtue of which he has never offered any kind of statement on the matter.

However, it is necessary to go deeper into other common traits of the victims of such proverbial photographic hex, such as the corruption, depravity and immorality that are often associated with them.

It is, in short, the most finished combination of malhabitants, misbeters, degenerates and tricksters of profession that is known in our territory, but also and especially in the areas of the right beyond our borders, converted by the work and grace of parapolitics in favorite friends of the interfecta.

Beyond the supernatural phenomenon, there is the incontrovertible fact that they are all scoundrels. That’s his nature.

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