Do they care?

Do we import anything into the struggle for power that wields government and opposition? The Andean Development Corporation reportedly has $350 million for a good loan, aimed at improving the situation of our electricity system. But the process is clinked pending the Executive and National Assembly to agree, and for the Maduro government to agree to manage resources under international supervision.

When we think of the plight of millions of people due to the electricity crisis, we are alarmed by the inaction of leadership. All these years of increasing deterioration in electricity supply mean not only poor quality of life but loss of effort-built entrepreneurship, difficulties in health care, unemployment, water service failures… how long do we have to keep it up?

Similarly, a well-run Oil for Food programme – as has existed in other sanctions-affected countries – would be quickly noticed, with progress in the provision of hospitals and affordable food, thanks to imports of products and also equipment and supplies for our agribusiness. Why are there no progress in this line? There are children affected by poor nutrition, there are sick people who do not have their medicines, would they not deserve a quick response?

But no, the initiatives are carefully weighed, like two players in front of a chessboard. One moves here, the other responds there, the first invents a new move, his opponent generates another better… And so they go, with us and us on the sidelines. The goal is power, all power. However, total defeat of the opposite will not be possible, even if each side has the support of this or that power, and even if they invent their respective tricks. You have to negotiate. And the longer they take, the more broken Venezuelan society will be.

That is why the initiative of some opposition parties has been so important that they have opened a dialogue with the Government, which is already making progress and should produce other major ones. We must build bridges, give way and sideways in a wise way, and focus more on cutting the country’s upsnow and less on partisan interest.

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