9,000 communal councils have been renewed in the country

More than 9,000 communal councils from across the country have been renewed on the 2019 Community Offensive Plan advanced by the Government to strengthen working methods, self-government mechanism and generally the entire popular organization.

“To date we have more than 9,000 communal councils of a target of 34,500, which we must meet in this first phase in December,” said the Deputy Minister for The Communes and Social Movements, José López, during the installation of the platform for the renewal of communal councils and communes in San Agustin, specifically, at the Alameda Cultural Theatre.

López explained that in the meeting with various social forces and base groups, they reviewed the methodological aspects of participation, as well as the articulation work path to achieve the objective of renewing the aforementioned bodies of popular organization.

“Despite all the aggressions, this people remain fighting, combative, convinced and with great hope of building a system of government that allows all Venezuelans to live in a homeland of equals,” he said according to a press release.

Councils are instances of participation, articulation and integration among the various community organizations.

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