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Gustavo Duch Guillot.- After years of controversy, the vast majority of international institutions agree that family farming is the best strategy to ensure food in the world and leave behind the growth of figures of hunger.

With regard to energy efficiency in the production of food, there is also no doubt about the benefits of peasant agriculture, even more so when compared to those of industrial agriculture, an unnecessary oil barbecue sum.

Because of this fondness for burning oil and burning forests to gain land, industrial agriculture is an important trigger for the climate crisis. On the other hand, peasant agriculture combined virtuously with livestock grazing in the surrounding area and contributing to fertilize and pay for land, not only does not pollute but, it is confirmed, is able to reduce the greenhouse gas figure of the atmosphere, “cooling” our planet.

Academies, medical and nutrition research centers, epidemiology data … corroborate what common sense had always advocated, peasant agriculture is the healthiest and most nutritious way to feed, free of pesticides, GMOs, additives and other toxics.

Biology, botany, zoology, entomology, ornitology, primatology, etc. so concerned about the disappearance of swallows, fireflies, toads or thousands of varieties of native seeds, are unwavering in favor of peasant agriculture, and their ability to enrich the territories where it is practised.

Even the sciences of economics are openly explaining that small-scale peasant agriculture, multiplied and reproduced everywhere, is the smartest formula for building dynamic, sustainable and reproducible communities.

And because these truths are so powerful, the world’s governments – puppets of agriculture and food multinationals – are determined to do everything they can to end it, with peasant agriculture, it is not going to end their expansion the business of starving, heating, getting sick and collapsing the planet.

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