MiComunaBDV provided financial attention to remote communities in Merida

In order to strengthen its premise of social inclusion and economic efficiency, the Bank of Venezuela was installed in the municipalities Zea and Arzobispo Chacón of the state of Mérida, through its national banking program: MiComunaBDV digital. From September 28, the institution moved the MiComuna BDV digital team to the Venezuelan Andes, specifically in the […]

Seniat, Sudeban refine tax collection plan

In a meeting between the presidents of the National Integrated Customs and Tax Administration Service (Seniat), José David Cabello, and the Superintendency of Banking Sector Institutions (Sudeban), Antonio Morales, honed the collection plan fiscal for this last quarter of the year in view of the big estate tax return days it’s on the move. On […]

Texas oil rolled back more than a dollar

Texas Intermediate Oil (WTI) priced today $1.11 in New York to $53.59 a barrel, hampered by uncertainties about a U.S.-China trade agreement. According to analysts, this fallback from the stock market neutralized friday’s gains, with a rise of more than two percent, after being learned of the attack on an Iranian oil vessel. Experts said […]

Treasury Bank to suspend 14-hour payment services

Treasury Bank (BT) payment services will be suspended for 14 hours, starting this Friday, October 11 at 10:00 p.m. until Saturday 12 at 12:00 midnight, due to the optimization of the financial anc entity’s technology platform I’ll go. According to the information from the financial institution, the bank offices that will serve customers and users […]

Treasury Bank re-established services after updating its platform

The Treasury Bank successfully completed on Saturday the scheduled stop of services made with the aim of optimizing the technology platform, AVN reported. Through a statement, disclosed on Twitter, the financial institution announced that services in offices and electronic payment channels, such as Treasury Online, BT Mobile, Treasury Mobile, Points of Sale and ATMs, were […]

Oracle ceases services in Venezuela for sanctions

US information technology company Oracle sent letters to its partners in Venezuela informing them that it will not continue to work with them, in order to comply with Executive Order 13,884 imposed by President Donald Trump v. Venezuela, which imposes economic sanctions on the nation. Alba Ciudad radio highlighted the news that was known through the […]

Venezuela’s Merey basket oil Opep climbed 26% in September

The Latin American crude basket component of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opep), the Merey of Venezuela, increased in September 12.62 to 61.79, a 25.7% increase, reveals the Opep Monthly Bulletin, for October . The report explains that the increase was due to china’s recovery in demand and the higher value of high-sulfur Fuel […]

El Aissami: From Aragua state national production is boosted

Sectoral Vice President of Economics, Tareck El Aissami, visited on Wednesday the Organic Rangel Commune to oversee the production of seed and food that is developed from this space in Aragua state. During the meeting he explained, that from the Commune we work on the production of seeds to supply the domestic production. “It’s about […]

BDV arrived in Canaguá to install MiComunaBDV Digital

With the firm purpose of bringing its products and services to the Venezuelan people, the Bank of Venezuela moved to the municipality Arzobispo Chacón of the state of Merida, to install My Digital ComunaBDV. After a week of uninterrupted work in the municipality Zea, the BDV mobilized its virtual office to the towns of the […]

North Korea and Vietnam target Venezuela’s production

The People’s Republic of Korea and Vietnam will contribute to the re-pushofing of the production apparatus in Venezuela, following agreements signed between nations; on Monday, the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello, said. “There is much to see and learn from Korea and Vietnam and we will see it […]