It is now understood

It never made any sense for the most powerful military power on earth to accuse a country of just thirty million people like Venezuela of “threat”. Everything seemed to be just one more media maneuver to try to justify to the world any action of siege and aggression against our nation. It did not seem […]

The Joker Latest News

2019 film, currently on the billboards of Venezuelan cinemas. It is directed by Todd Phillips; screenplay: Todd Phillips and Scott Silverm, the cast takes Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro. It is a poster of figures whose trajectory ensures an important work of the historical filmography of the specialty. Which is why he won the Golden […]

Burns Ecuador ? Latest News

The events of Ecuador resembling the reagents of the police: They strip off liars. Quito burns but Trump insists on overthrowing the Venezuelan government as his goal. Not only is Trump: Duke joins us using puching ball by stoking the war that in Colombia has been in fruitless struggles for a century. Just learn who […]

Broken windows Latest News

With the tragic events of the New York towers in 2001, a before and after punitive geopolitics in the world was raised. The first thing that stopped was the advance of the “criminal guarantee” that arose from these favorable consequences of social constitutionalism that emerged at the end of the Second War. In 2005, Iñaki […]

Comprehensive Ecology ? Latest News

Amazon: syllables of green, water, man and nature. Amazon: territory of superlatives. The largest area of tropical forests vibrates in concert with the largest biodiversity existing, in the largest watershed on our planet. A “noah’s ark” of natural life forms, where man dialogues incessantly with himself, in a world of multiple expressions of plant and […]

Puppets Latest News

Gustavo Duch Guillot.- After years of controversy, the vast majority of international institutions agree that family farming is the best strategy to ensure food in the world and leave behind the growth of figures of hunger. With regard to energy efficiency in the production of food, there is also no doubt about the benefits of […]

Do they care?

Do we import anything into the struggle for power that wields government and opposition? The Andean Development Corporation reportedly has $350 million for a good loan, aimed at improving the situation of our electricity system. But the process is clinked pending the Executive and National Assembly to agree, and for the Maduro government to agree […]

Supernatural Nature ? Latest News

Henry of Villena argues in his Treaty of aojnation or fascinology, that “it is a hidden and unknown enemy that causes the evil eye, fascinating with a mysterious force through the gaze. And this is so, in an enigmatic sense, to understand that the gaze of the fascinator does not need to penetrate the eyes […]

The South rose

The themes to write and reflect on today are too many, they run over each other demanding importance, and it is not for the least, the South rose with the irrepressible teluric force of our landscape and the peoples of the Amazon, the Caribbean and the Andes rose. The Ecuadorian people rose in a single […]

Peruvian envy ? Latest News

The compatriots who emigrated to Peru deserve an explanation, to find harsh but bearable conditions when compared to suffering the savage xenophobia of a people who are defined by official propaganda as “brothers”. To that end, it is not enough to emphasize that it is not the peoples but the governments that are pursuing Venezuelans […]