Stop Suffering: The Insolent Plant

1 Venezuela in 1902 was blocked by the three most powerful imperial powers. England dominated more than half of the Earth’s surface. Germany was spreading by linking the scattered Teutonic states, establishing colonies in Africa, by conceding to the mighty Ottoman Empire, which occupied what is now the Middle East. Italy was trying to colonize […]

The brightness of a thousand suns

1 The old physicist plays with a loaded revolver. Remember the bright day when you discovered the equivalence between matter and energy. One can be converted into the other with an unimaginable glow. So unimaginable that matter may never cease to become energy and make everything created disappear. At times he rests the gun in […]

Bachelet: with the stick you measure

1 With the rod which ye measure, ye shall be measured, saith the gospel. The idea that they can do as they please prevail. Those who demand compliance from others must conform to those that govern their own performance. United Nations adopted at its first session on June 18, 2007 a “Code of Conduct for […]

Stop suffering Reduce the size of the state?

1 Let us be held for a moment the already overwhelming issue of the illegitimate means by which the opposition aspires to legitimate power: coup d’état, murder, mass murder of elected or pro-elected officials, foreign intervention, destruction of the the country’s economy. To decide whether the end justifies the means, let us focus on what […]

Stop suffering Fourth-generation parables

Parable of the righteous Solomon. Before the righteous judge Solomon two ladies come claiming each to be the representative of the country in dispute. “I am the rightful representative,” says the lady of alcurnia, “and to prove it I am willing to do everything: to burn alive anyone who disagrees, to cut the funds from […]

STOP SOURING To talk, gentlemen

1- Well, it is that polar opposites in the political debate dialogue, bad is that one of them does not present more proposal than eliminate the other. Towards the conflicting 2001 plan was the Transitional Government. I wrote an article, “Repeated Bars”, equating it to the promoters of albums, who forced us to buy closed […]

The right not to be hungry

I dare say that the right not to be hungry is not constitutionally established anywhere in the world. What exists in the constitutions of the States is the obligation of food, that is, the obligation of the parents to give food to the children and that duty of the children towards the parents, but one […]

Between politics and the epic

“The epic is based on the grand phrases, on the immovable principles, on exceptional occasions, on heroic postures. Politics is more to walk home; As has been said so often, it is the art of the possible. Confusing both realities often brings bad consequences. ” Juan Francisco Martín Seco: Politics or epic (counterpoint, 06/10/2016). The […]

More negotiations?

Look professor, his words give me the floor to comment on the such a coup by Leopoldo López (LL) of 30A. And they lied to him because he declared himself from EMB. Of Spain that in his house-prison met with commanders, colonels, generals and stop you to count, to block and give the great Tanganazo […]

Notes for Change | Latest News

The attempted coup d’état on 30 April failed Bochornosamente. The followers of the opposition, slowly, are assuming the forceful reality that their leaders, the new prefabricated and the old and almost defeated, have been telling lies once again. This implies that, in the midst of the economic and political crisis, amid the constant blockade and […]