Francisco D’Agostino

Francisco D’Agostino with the companies that he directs, manages and manages have a strong desire to leave something behind. They seek to help in the growth and development of their communities and do so in many ways. Below we mention only four examples of some of the missions that are being carried out today.

BOD Foundation: With this foundation, donations are made to multiple causes each year.

Ayudemos el Lago Foundation: this organization has been committed for more than 10 years to preserve and recover Lake Maracaibo.

Enclave Foundation – This is a foundation dedicated to bringing music to low-income children in the barrios of Venezuela. Certainly, children in these situations have not generally known the Music, which has proven to be an aid in the education of children, teaching them discipline and much more. This program graduates around 7,000 students each year.

Dayco Foundation – This organization, linked to the National System of Venezuelan Orchestras, led by Maestro Abreu and Gustavo Dudamel, educates more than 10,000 children to play musical instruments.